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The Healing Room

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Welcome to Teri's Holistic Healing!!!

Teri provides transformational, energetic emotional healing and coaching using kinesiology, energy and the meridian system with an emphasis on helping you clear the emotional experiences and blocks that keep you feeling stuck, limited and possibly in pain.

Our emotional and mental state governs how we feel physically and how we connect to others. When these states are in balance we are able to live a life that flows with ease. We feel lighter and happier which leads to being more fulfilled in life and with ourselves. When these states are unbalanced we can feel off, things always seem to be more difficult and nothing comes easily. When we are stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy we hold pain in our bodies, we get sick often, we are unmotivated, we think poorly of ourselves and constantly put ourselves down in our self talk.

Teri helps create wellness from a holistic approach by focusing on the body as a whole by using kinesiology, the body's natural biofeedback system, to get to the root causes of issues and pain. She typically finds that most root causes of pain are caused by trapped emotions. Releasing the layers of trapped emotions, balancing the body's meridian system along with looking at our belief system often leads to relief.

"My methods are unique and highly effective.  I use Kinesiology to guide me to what a person's body says it needs to heal and move forward. Together, the client and I weave new understanding and energy into old habits, behaviors and thinking which release pain from the body along with  limitations and other blocks. We do this by asking the body questions and not reliving traumas or upsets.  While using the tools I have to help facilitate a healing, I also  provide tools to clients so they feel empowered to live the life they want to create. I believe that empowering people helps create change and create the love and peace within themselvess that they are searching for.

Holistic Healing